CenturyLink IQ® SIP Trunk: Decentralized Deployment

Rather than consolidate PRIs and POTs, IQ SIP Trunk Decentralized Deployment solutions provide SIP Trunk service at each location and can survive a private WAN failure. It includes direct access to PSTN from each site.

Extend the capabilities of your existing, legacy PBX hardware while converging your separate voice and data networks into a single, robust IP data and voice network. IQ SIP Trunk works in conjunction with CenturyLink® MPLS Networking, providing a private, fully interoperable and scalable suite of wide area network (WAN) services. IQ SIP Trunk delivers increased functionality, improved call quality, better security and simplified network management and is available nationwide. CenturyLink backs its IQ SIP Trunk service with a 100% voice availability SLA. Leverage simple end-user and administrative management portal and robust quality of service (QoS) to help ensure that time-sensitive network traffic is prioritized and routed correctly.

Technical Specifications
  • Consolidates voice and data traffic over a single, robust OC-192 IP data backbone
  • Incorporates the CenturyLink IQ Networking managed suite of wide area network (WAN) services
  • Advanced IP-centric, multi-protocol label switching (MPLS)
  • Can be provided over third-party, IP-enabled networks to sites without IQ MPLS connectivity
  • Includes PSTN/PRI Failover & Administrator/End-user Portals
Decentralized Deployment
  • Provide SIP Trunk service supported at each location
  • Branch offices have their own SIP Trunk service
  • E911 or V911 services are still provided with local service
  • Direct access to PSTN from each site
  • Can survive a private WAN failure
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