Unifying communications across multiple locations through one IT strategy was essential for Landmark’s success and growth.

Sysomos Delivers Real-Time Social Intelligence Insights to Its Customers


With its social intelligence solutions, Sysomos helps companies analyze and report on social media activity related to their brands. Its tools gauge the results of marketing campaigns both during and after the campaigns. To provide real-time insights for their customers, it's critical to never have outages. And, because the amount of data they need to process at any given time varies depending on how many campaigns they're monitoring, they must be able to scale up or down as needed, on-demand.


Sysomos began by housing its owned infrastructure with CenturyLink Colocation. As their customer base grew and the need for having greater capacity at a moment's notice increased, they expanded from colocation into CenturyLink Cloud. Demand for Sysomos's services-and therefore, their need for more network capacity-increases surrounding events that drive social media spikes, such as major sporting events. To deal with this, they established a redundant environment in two data centers to help manage traffic and load balancing.

Benefits and Results

  • No service outages experienced
  • Ability to access, through the cloud, more than 6x the amount of compute horsepower in their colocation arrangement
  • Established a trusted advisor relationship with CenturyLink
  • Collaboration with CenturyLink to plan infrastructure needs as their business continues to grow, and around events that will require added capacity
  • Can now focus on their customers—crunching data, tweaking algorithms and providing real-time insights—rather than on managing their infrastructure
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Where digital business goes to network
Where digital business goes to network